13 Jan
Mark Lauckhardt's Typography Furniture

Typography has become this year’s anthem to good design, and Mark Lauckhardt has found yet another way to incorporate it with something usually unrelated to typeface: furniture design. Lauckhardt has created a line that consists of a lamps, tables, chairs and couches all replicating different letters in the alphabet. The clean lines and modern design may have you fooled at first — viewing it from the front a chair may just look like another contemporary all black dining room chair, but if you turn it to its side it takes the shape of a lower case “h” in a classic font. Perhaps all the pieces are not all that attractive — and certainly not as interesting as, say, the Space Invader or Monster Chairs — but creative nonetheless. Entirely inspired by the simplicity and versatility of typography.

2 Responses to “Sit Your Ass Down On the Alphabet”

  1. Marc says:


    im glad you like them ;)



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