Engineer Brian Chan from M.I.T. has fashioned art work with his impressive math skills, creating his own origami patterns and using one single uncut sheet to fold into paper masterpieces. When Chan first started this simple hobby he mastered making traditional animals and intricate insects, but now paper is no limit as he manifests sci-fi spaceships, Marvel superheroes, mythological monsters, anime characters, beloved Pixar robots and even Guy Fawkes masks (V of V For Vendetta fame). And unlike most origami pieces which use several pieces of paper, Chan elevated the art by challenging himself to make his creations with only one single sheet. We’ve already seen Origami Cranes, Dresses and Jewelry, but check out Chan’s video below to see how he folds the entire M.I.T. logo with his method… then press rewind if it hasn’t blown your mind.

via designboom

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