5 Jan
Come join LIAS at Avalon, Hollywood this Friday, January 7

While it’s clear we have a soft spot for all things indie, from experimental haze to dream pop to garage doo-wop, some of us here at LIAS have also been suckers for breakbeats since they used to call it hardcore (Google it, kids). Throughout its evolution, the boom bap always delivers to our hearts a sort of adrenalized sugar rush that no other dance music can muster. So it is with much joy that we anticipate masters of the breaks Stanton Warriors visiting our fair city this Friday, at dance mecca Control at the Avalon Hollywood. And if you’d like to join us, and save a cool $40 in the process, we’ve got the perfect Post-NYE Giveaway to get 2011 rolling. If you live in Los Angeles area and want one of 3 pairs of tickets for this Friday night at Avalon (with Reid Speed and Sonic C), simply re-Tweet our Stanton Warriors Giveaway tweet (first you’ll have to follow us on Twitter) and you’re eligible to win a pair. We’ll be looking out for you, and will announce winners on Friday. Good luck!

Peep Stanton Warriors’ Live At Notting Hill Carnival 2010 mix below, and download at will…

Stanton Warriors – Live At Notting Hill Carnival 2010 by Stanton Warriors

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