5 Jan
Project Thirty-Three and Jive Records bring you the retro awesomeness of StereoStack

While flipping through your vinyl collection (or your dad’s, depending on your age and musical obsession), perhaps you’ve noticed all the omni-colored “Stereo” banners that brighten up some old records, screaming in loud design volumes that this piece of vinyl indeed boasts that cutting edge technology known as stereo. While some would think there would be a singular logo or emblem for this tech — much like DVD, Dolby or Blu-Ray — the Stereo badge was like freeware, something each label could apply and advertise as they wished. Well StereoStack is a really simple, and yet infinitely cool project by Project Thirty-Three and Jive Records to compile these “Stereo” banners from old vinyl LPs. What you see above is only a small sample — if you go to the site you can see an exhaustive collection of these visually arresting banners, and if you  press a link it re-shuffles the unnumerable banners into another totem pole of retro awesomeness. A simple, brief visual stimulation to brighten up your day.

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