18 Jan
Stacy Peralta mini documentary for MTV

Stacy Peralta, the man behind the films Dogtown and Z-boys and Lords of Dogtown, brings us The History of Skateboarding, a mini documentary for MTV: 40 years in 15 minutes. From surf skating and empty swimming pools to street skating and punk culture, The History of Skateboarding attempts to distill 4 decades of tumultuous history into a video you can watch while emptying the dishwasher. Early videos of the Bones Brigade (Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, and some guy named Tony Hawk) — such as the landmark Search For Animal Chin — produced by Peralta & George Powell gave these sidewalk athletes the recognition and respect they never had, and the rest is history. Showcasing their true athleticism, the hand-passed VHS tapes ultimately launched the commercial success of Skateboarding. However, this “mini” documentary gives us the energy drink version of what could be a fascinating piece — if MTV viewers can already sit through a whole hour of the Jersey Shore, then they’re selling them short with this spartan version of a documentary. Still, if my only complaint is that I’m left wanting more, than Peralta must be doing something right.

The History of Skateboarding below; hit the Jump to see The History of Skateboarding, Pt II…

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