If you’re looking to get the best sound from your loudspeaker — and you’re willing to throw $175,000 into your system — then you could do worse than Trenner & Friedl’s Duke loudspeaker. The ultra premium Austrian stereo manufacturer has spared no expense crafting what they consider the finest speaker, and they’re not afraid to make you pay for it either. First off, they designed the cabinets with the golden ratio using only natural materials like bamboo and fine leather. Real hand-felted pure sheep wool is used as the damping material. The tweeters use a CNC-machined aluminium tractrix horn and nitride titanium dome. And topping it all off, literally and opulently, is a 0.8″ ultra rigid diamond diaphragm super tweeter that focuses all the sonics upward into a genuine Swarovski crystal disperser that creates a perfect 360-degree radiation pattern. Yes, a giant Swarovski crystal is used to accurately disperse the sound. Is it necessary? Nope. Will it get some Eastern European models to dance naked on the table of your Russian oil-bought yacht? Absolutely. In fact, every component of Trenner & Friedl’s Duke loudspeaker has been built exclusively for this system — its cabinets are even hand built by Styrian craftsmen. Sure the whole thing may weigh in at a leviathan 284 pounds, but you needn’t worry a single Rogaine-enhanced hair on your head — Trenner & Friedl will fly wherever your home is to set up the system perfectly. I guess $175K buys you some decent service these days.

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  1. What a great use for Swarovski crystals!
    It’s a bit out of my budget though – need to start saving!
    Thanks for sharing.

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