21 Jan
Silver and Swarovski umbrellas with some bite

Most umbrellas have the personality of a spoon — ever functional, but infinitely plain and unremarkable. But if you’re the type of person who likes his accessories to have some bite, then you may want to check out Archer Adams London‘s Westminster Umbrella. Fashioned with a silver-plated handle and of quality materials — including Swarovski crystals on some designs — the Westminster Umbrellas come with some truly wicked heads, including Serpent, Leopard, Eagle, Skull, Lion and Labrador. Wait a second — Labrador? Something does not compute. Choose your weapon (and it better not be the Labrador, fancy boy) for $235 (£148) each.

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  1. Lewis Clarke says:

    I chose the snake head! A really attractive and visibly well made umbrella. Archer Adams also have an online store, so I cam see myself buying a lot more in the future.

  2. John Reeves says:

    These Archer Adams umbrellas look amazing — I need to save some money and find my way to this shop!

  3. Paully says:

    Some people may think that the 148 price tag is a hefty one, you will not be thinking that once you have held one in your hand. Very well made.

  4. Jennifer Hynes says:

    @ Paully very well said . These umbrellas from Archer Adams are worth every prenny.

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