28 Jan
Hand sculpted wild animals to benefit wild animals

San Francisco-based artist Markus Diebel has created a line of jewelry that benefits a good cause: the manymals. The idea behind the design was to create animal charms that hang naturally from the necklace as they would in their indigenous habitat. Each animal is hand sculpted and scaled down, then cast in sterling silver. The first of what Diebel hopes to be many series is called Wild Ones, and it consists of a sloth, bat, monkey, boa constrictor and koala bear. The cause behind the Wild Ones (of which receives 5% of the proceeds) is WildAid, a non-profit organization that has dedicated themselves to stopping illegal wildlife trade around the world. The unique packaging was also designed by Diebel, made of 100% recycled paper pulp and containing a story and facts about the animal you chose inside the bubble case. You can purchase one directly for $260 or at the A+R store.

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