21 Feb
A cup of cocoa's worst enemy

Honestly, if there’s not a campfire nearby I truly can’t see any other use for a marshmallow than projectile launching a slew of them into my enemies. I mean, on the ranking system of awesome delectables they kind of suck, with a flavor hovering  just above lime-green hard candy and right beneath stale Pez. All these candies probably make better bullets than treats, but the marshmallow seems more merciful. Which means I’d even be down for the marshmallow H-Bomb. This Double-Barreled Marshmallow Crossbow holds 50 marshmallows and launches up to 30 feet away — consider it the food fight version of the Desert Eagle. And it’s probably a lot less painful than Pez… or paintball. Probably cheaper too at $22. Bring it on. Just don’t start shooting jawbreakers, or I’ll be loading up my Bazooka Bubble Gum Bazooka and end the discussion real quick…

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