15 Feb
Chromoly leather holsters for mundane killing tools

When Chromoly created past pieces, Ninja Tack and Bourgeois Brass Knuckles, manufacturers were advised by lawyers to disassociate themselves with such collections and Scandinavian retailers were actually required to pull these items off their shelves; they were portrayed as weapons marketed to the public. Well Chromoly decided to take this assumption and spin it, showing the public that if you look around almost anything can be viewed as a weapon — and can be as potentially dangerous as the ninja stars that they were designing. So in a clever campaign they’ve created leather holsters for mundane household items — making them easy to carry around and pull out in situations that could require some self defense. The holsters come in three options: 1. an ankle one for scissors, because you don’t know when you’re going to need to craft; 2. a chest holster to carry a wrench; and 3. a sling to carry a glass because, well, you never know when you may get thirsty. The holsters are actually very well designed and crafted, resembling those you might see Mr. Bond, The Punisher or Titus Pullo adopting. They may just help you look like a hero with your tools. Lets hope the lawyers don’t catch on to the loophole Chromoly found in carrying around dangerous weapons…stupid lawyers, always getting in the way of everyone’s fun…

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