17 Feb
Scorsese's masterpiece, as interpreted by strippers, porn stars and Amanda Le Pore

Taxi Driver, infamous in its time for its brutal violence and copious bloodshed, gets the very unexpected David LaChappelle treatment in this photoshoot from defunct magazine Deliciae Vitae. The high end erotic fashion publication’s contributors over the years included premier couture photographers such as David Bailey, Vincent Peters, Max Vadukul, Enrique Badulescu, Rankin, Harri Peccinotti and others. Launched in September of 2000, the magazine only lasted 3 issues but is still remembered fondly by fans of the (somewhat) tastefully erotic. This editorial, taken from the 3rd and final issue released in 2003, illustrates LaChapelle’s over-the-top interpretation of Martin Scorsese’s classic, and does much to stir controversy with its coterie of naked models, strippers, porn stars and of course LaChappelle’s famed muse, Amanda Le Pore, in highly suggestive poses. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Another even slightly more NSFW gallery after the Jump…

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  2. Holy crap! That is one hot babe, where can I see more of her?

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