Tokyo-born artist Takahashi Toshi (T Dog Junior) moved to London 11 years ago and began working at a Carnaby Street Jewelry shop. Since then he has been producing unique, handcrafted jewelry with precision and startling realness, and in 2004 launched Dog State jewelry specializing in modern skull and animal designs — along with some randomness like MF Doom’s mask and Frankenstein thrown into the mix (a personal favorite being the “Smooth Skull” below — just wicked). Toshi’s understanding of traditional craftsmanship and his ability to manifest iconic figures in precious metals has produced a headturning, at times beautiful collection of high end jewelry. His creations are available for about $220 (£ 140) each.

I noticed you enjoy adding Mickey Mouse ears to your skull rings. Did you have a bad experience at the happiest place on earth?
Actually no. I just thought Mickey Mouse and the skull mix is cool.

Have you ever been asked to design a wedding ring? How would design a ring for your own wife?
Yes I did. I think wedding rings should be simple. Because, simple never gets boring.

What is your creative process for each ring – how do you decide on a design, precious metal? How long does it take you to make a ring?
I’m always decide on a design is one’s gut feeling. And metal is mainly using silver. A skull ring is takes a week and an animal ring takes a week to 3 weeks. If it’s a complicated design, is takes a more time.

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For you animal designs, do you look at photos or do you have animal planet on in the background? Do you have any pets yourself that inspired any pieces?
When I design an animal, I always look at an animal photo book, and check average face. I do want pets, but I’ve never had any pets in my life.

Have you experimented with different pieces of jewelry?
Yes I did before, but I prefer skull, animal, character jewelry more.

Lastly, if you were lost in a supermarket, in what aisle would we find you in?
I will be staying in sparkling water area.

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