21 Feb
Gold fingers, black crosses and white wings to shade your eyes

We all recall the shutter shades Kanye wore that were, let’s be honest, utterly useless. Well here’s another useless pair of shades clearly not shielding your eyes at all from the sun. Jeremy Scott, who can always be counted on for the outlandish, teams up with eyewear staple Linda Farrow to launch a line of sunglasses — which would look well coordinated with Scott’s Swatch Collection. Inspired by the post-Gaga generation we’re living in, the collection consists of designs named the Cross, Hands and Wings — pretty self explanatory. Take a look at the rest of the collection below, and if you need to get your hands on one of these… hands… you can purchase them at colette for $250 a pair.

3 Responses to “Jeremy Scott vs. Linda Farrow Sunglasses”

  1. Linda Farrow says:

    Great Blog! We love these Jeremy Scott glasses! You can also get them at http://www.lindafarrow.co.uk and we ship worldwide!

  2. Madman Mundt says:

    Thanks for the message! We’ll be sure to include your website next time illustrious Linda Farrow crew…

  3. […] hook up with Linda Farrow on a line of sunglasses before, and the results were… ummmm… dramatic. Now the duo have teamed up yet again on a new set of frames, these ones aptly titled the Golden […]

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