24 Feb
LIAS in the land of cannolis, mafia, Palermo and honey

LIAS was just invited to Sicily to for a week of adventure, and damn did it surpass the bill of expectations. Sure it’s got all you’ve heard: copious crime (including being victimized by filthy pickpockets), culinary delicacies from sea to land to pasta to pastry, mafiosos running the government (mafiosos running everything, actually), thriving urban culture, ancient ruins, remote villages of mindblowing beauty… hell, you’ve even got their president Silvio Berlusconi’s antics making Bill Clinton look like more of a eunuch than Karl Rove at a Boy Scout jamboree. Actually, if rumors are true that would be a pretty sexually charged experience. Nevermind all that, you get the point — if Clinton was Italian they wouldn’t have tried to impeach him, they may very well have built a series of statues in his honor replicating his various cigar and stained dress-inspired conquests. We’ll get into that later — be on the lookout, we’ll file our full Sicily Takeover report in the upcoming weeks…

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