11 Feb
So your ollies can be performed in custom comfort

Makr Carry Goods — the production label of designer Jason Gregory — brings another fine quality handmade product. Few would normally consider a skateboard deck to be luxurious, but custom shaped, hand stained and cleared, and featuring leather risers definitely qualifies this as a luxury item. Each deck is individually numbered to insure you get a one of a kind piece, with your choice between two stains, either the red mahogany-like Ox Blood finish above or the black and gray wash, which is equally as impressive. Of course, a valid question would be why one would make a luxury item out of something built to be slapped against asphalt and grinded on rails, but with a retail price of $80 you could just use it as wall decoration. The Makr Luxury Skateboard Deck can be bought exclusively at Makr.

One more picture of the Makr Carry Goods luxury skate deck after the Jump…

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  2. Cool skateboard…how durable are they?

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