21 Feb
Vote to send Max around Europe on 6-week tour

One of LIAS’ longtime artists Max Neutra (read our interview) is up for placement in the next Art Battles tour, which would take him around a 6-week tour of France and Spain doing his live art for a deserving bevvy of European art enthusiasts. One of the featured artists of our End Days party last year (at which the video below was made), Max specializes in the live painting of visceral, raw characters manifested in bold, vivid colors. Above are some examples of his latest Boombox series to get an idea of his range. We’d love to see Max make the cut, and hope to get him involved in the tour so LIAS can get updates from him regularly on the road. So help a deserving artist do what he does best — vote for Max by this Friday at his Art Battles site so we can selfishly and voyeuristically follow the European tour…


5 Responses to “Max Neutra on Art Battles”

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  2. Leftyjoe says:

    max “mutha fukin” neutra!!!
    I love love love his art!!! fuck, and now I know he’s a bad mamajamma!!! this video validates my suspicions that he’s a cool muthafukka!!!
    hell yeah, love everything he said in the vid!!!


  3. Steven Hegedus says:

    I’d be jamming out to White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane that way I can through that bad-boy in the tub with me when it peaks.

  4. Christine N says:

    I’m not sure what tape I’d play, haha.

  5. Chris Perez says:

    I would jam to Walk This Way – Run-D.M.C. hope you get in the art battle ill be voting everyday!

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