10 Feb
Enjoy the warmth of vinyl with Gakken's Premium Gramophone

A record player that will take you back to a simpler time, a time when music was a luxury and enjoyed as such. With modern hard drives holding terabytes of music, the actual content value of music has been ridiculed to the point of obsolescence. By trading libraries, we have more music now than we can ever listen to. The Gakken Premium Gramophone looks to right this absurd ship, allowing you to hand-crank your own player and let the warm glow of vinyl wash over you. No file formats to worry about, no DRM giving you headaches, no batteries to replace. With a bamboo needle and the ability to play any size record, the gramophone features speed and tone adjustment, hand crank, and has the capability to actually record music. This Gramophone would not only add class and style to your home, but it’s a piece that you can actually get use out of. Retails for $157 at the Japan Trend Shop.

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