3 Feb
Film-inspired high tops a somewhat questionable endeavor

Whereas Adidas went with Boba Fett, Chewbacca and Jabba the Hutt on your feet, Reebok is going a completely different direction with their film-inspired sneaker line. While aesthetically all of the above are highly questionable, I wouldn’t mind seeing any on someone’s feet at a party… as long as they weren’t my feet. Reebok takes their Alien Stomper high top silhouette and matches materials and colorways to such seminal films as Indiana Jones and Blade Runner. For the Indy sneakers, Reebok blends premium brown leather with waxed denim over the upper. For the Blade Runner shoe, Reebok kept it more simple with a monotone black leather shoe. Both feature bold branding on the tongue to make it clear who inspired each shoe. Just one question: are these supposed to appeal to the sneaker fiend, or sci-fi nerd? Or he who intersects both…?

Couple more shots of Reebok’s Indiana Jones & Blade Runner Alien Stompers after the Jump…

via HighSnob

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