11 Feb
Schwinn's Meridian 3-Wheeled Bicycle

When first learning to ride a bike, most of us used the assistance of a third wheel. Well you don’t have to be in single digits anymore to ride a tricycle. The good people from Schwinn have come out with the Meridian Tri-Bike for adults — perfect for those who use bikes for leisure rides and errands around the neighborhood. The bike has a cargo basket attached to the back between the two wheels, ideal for groceries or any other local chore that avoids turning the ignition on in your car. Surprisingly light at 77 pounds, the Schwinn is a safe and easy ride with one single speed, a v-brake on the front wheel and traditional strap brake on the back. Keeping the classic throwback style Schwinn is universally known for, the bike retails for anywhere between $250 to $500, depending on what features you choose.

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