15 Feb
100% wool, 0% arch support

Top-Felt‘s slippers/house shoes mean to make the most of the Barefoot Running movement. Many orthopedic experts believe that today’s over-tech shoes offer too much heel and arch support, allowing runners to use a sprinting step that they would never use naturally while barefoot — leading to such ailments as plantar fasciitus, shin splints, etc. So the latest craze of running shoes actually offer less spring on the heel and less arch support, allowing the foot to run naturally. This is the thinking behind these felt slippers — they offer very little support for either. But my question is this: do we really need our slippers to offer such little support? When I’m just walking around my house lazily, is not comfort the priority? After all, how much high impact activity will you be doing while reading your morning emails, scooping coffee and fantasizing about Balinese Temples of Enthusiasm? I say bring on the arch support in exhausting times like these. The 100% industrial wool felt house shoes will run you $67/pair.

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  1. Peter says:


    Do the above felt house slippers have a felt sole? Do u also have other felt slippers with open heel and felt sole?

    Please provide order info.

    Thank u,


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