Art-loving ladies and gents, the time has finally come to announce the winners of the Lost In a Supermarket / Max Neutra BOOMBOX Giveaway!!! As we explained last week, we teamed up with artist Max Neutra to give away a $300 One-Of-a-Kind Boombox in order to promote an Art Battles contest to send him on a 6-week tour of France and Spain. Well, on Friday the votes were tabulated and we’re proud to say Max took first place! He was in third up until Thursday night, so thanks to all who participated and nudged Mr. Neutra over the top and into first place in that last day rush. Initially for the BOOMBOX Giveaway we were only going to select our 5 favorite tapes suggested on our Facebook page and choose the winner from that group, but the response was pretty overwhelming (well over 100 comments), and just way too many really good answers to only choose 5. With everything from Diana Ross to Slayer to Tribe Called Quest to Cinderella to Biggie to Devo to the Beasties the list was expansive, so instead we chose our 10 favorite, threw them in a hat, and drew the winner. Moreover, Max was so grateful for the LIAS response that he’s also throwing in 2 signed and numbered prints to give to a second and third place winners. And just so you know it was all legit, we decided to film it and record our winner — peep the video below. So for all of you who took part, thanks so much for your awesome answers and flood of votes to send Max to Europe, he clearly couldn’t have done it without you. And now, to our winners:

  1. BOOMBOX GRAND PRIZE: Roze Braunstein
  2. 2nd Place: Ian Shaw
  3. 3rd Place: Emma Danoff

And here’s the video of Max drawing the winner with the help of his evil henchman, thanks again to all our readers for participating…

2 Responses to “Winners to the Lost In a Supermarket / Max Neutra BOOMBOX Giveaway Announced!!”

  1. Ian says:

    For the record, this was totally rigged.

  2. Madman Mundt says:

    Hey now – it was NOT rigged! Hence the elaborate film crew we set up to show as such. As you can see, Birdman and Max select our favorite 10, we shuffled, them, and Max selected. It was as fair a method as we could come up with considering all the ingenious answers people came up with. I hope you enjoy your print Ian! Bang your test tones at 11…

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