3 Mar
NYC producer Brian Suarez celebrates his latest EP

New York electronic DJ/producer Brian Suarez, aka Allies, has just released an EP titled Hour of the Wolf (available on iTunes). Initially breaking through years ago with the electro-house club track “Taboo” (when he was known as Gater), Suarez has evolved his sound to include a more complex, lush and layered synth-pop sound, rounded out with his own vocal lines. This mixtape — which is a bit more varied than his own productions — runs the gamut of disco and house-influenced tracks from classic New York 80s fodder to some of his own productions, such as “Psychic Phenomenon”. The mixtape also features a remix of “Triangle Walks” by Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife), Allies remixes of Moloko’s “Sing It Back” and Seelenluft’s “Manila”, and ends things softly with a floating remix of Florence and the Machine’s “Brd Sng”. To celebrate the release of the Hour of the Wolf EP, Allies is throwing a release Party with DJ Alex English at NYC mecca Le Bain at The Standard in New York tomorrow next Friday night (sorry Brian!), March 10, at 9PM. Should be a buttshaker…

Stream and/or DOWNLOAD the mixtape below, plus check out his video for “Springtime (All Over My Face)” at bottom

Allies DJ Mix 03 2011 by Allies

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