15 Mar
Trailer for upcoming short film "Scenes From the Suburbs"

When Spike Jonze first directed Arcade Fire’s “Suburbs” video, the idea was that the piece would play as a sort of “trailer” for an upcoming short film which would expand on tropes touched on in the music video. Well now these ideas have begun to expand and evolve, and the collaboration has put out this trailer for the upcoming film, titled Scenes From the Suburbs. What is known about the film is that its based on the motifs of Arcade Fire’s album, mainly disconnect, ennui, alienation… and the possibilities of living in a (hypothetical) police state. Co-written by Jonze and Arcade Fire’s Win and Will Butler, the 30-minute film debuted at the Berlin Film Festival last month to very positive reaction — with the creative braintrust involved, it’s a pretty safe bet that the film is very, very, very promising. “You start from a feeling and it’s not necessarily the plot points of a song,” says Butler. “To me the film is very much about trying to talk about the relationships and the feelings of that age… I think we would have been a band of moviemakers if making movies wasn’t 140 times more expensive than making records.”

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