31 Mar
Two manufacturers of performance and luxury collaborate

This afternoon Audi announced its collaboration with Renovo Hardwood Bicycles to create a high performance, yet luxurious 2-wheeler. Last year we covered the R4 Pursuit by Renovo (the world’s only all-hardwood bike manufacturer), and the bicycles are truly beautiful designs, so it’s a fitting compliment to Audi who continue to gobble up market share from their Bimmer and Benz nemeses. The Duo features a monocoque frame made of hardwood, which offers the smoothest ride of any bike due to wood’s natural superior shock and vibration absorption. The bike is also incredibly light (about one-fourth the weight of aluminum by volume), and since it’s wood is also recyclable and biodegradable. But while other manufacturers simply do bicycles as design exercises or rebadges of already existing brands, Audi promises the Duo is different: “An evolution of the ongoing Audi commitment to progressive ideas, the duo serves as both a work of art and a mode of transportation that blends beauty and craftsmanship with performance and technology.” The Duo features innovative drive train components such as a belt drive, aluminum and carbon fiber components, disk brakes and LED lighting, and the wood is selected to match the look of Audi vehicle interiors. Each is individually handmade at Renovo’s Portland, Oregon, studio, and is available in three models:

City: A cafe/leisure bike and all-weather commuter for $6,530
Sport: A fitness 11-speed long-distance bike for $7,350
Road: A 20-speed performance road bike, good for club and century ride for $7,460

The Sport model above and the Road below, and check out the City after the Jump…

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