17 Mar
Bulleit Bourbon jumps the border to distill a rye whiskey

Rye whiskies have recently been gaining in popularity — remember that Vermont-based WhistlePig rye whiskey from last year? It’s not surprising, given as how whiskey and bourbon-specific lounges have sprung up all over major cities. Following that trend, Bulleit Bourbon has created this 95% rye whiskey artisanal Bulleit Rye expression. Packing 95 proof, the whiskey features 95% rye in the mash (the other 5% malted barley) — much greater than the 51% mandated minimum to be considered a rye whiskey. Bulleit Rye promises to pull back on the traditional spiciness of rye, making for a much smoother whiskey. Distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and aged for at least four years, look out for a bottle for around $25.

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