17 Mar
Ultra-limited edition $710,000 tuner gets re-worked

German Mercedes-Benz specialized tuner Carlsson updates its Super GT with a C25 Royale treatment, updating the exclusive package with carbon fiber roof and exterior, optimized driving dynamics and perfected electronics. The C25 Royale shaves 400 lbs (180 kgs) of weight from its base model with the carbon upgrades, simultaneously lowering its center of gravity. Its heavy duty V12 bi-turbo engine pumps out 753 hps, capable of achieving 218 mph and a 0-62 time of just 3.7 seconds. Only 25 of the ultra-limited edition Carlsson Super GT C25 Royales will be manufactured — with only one per country ensuring no one will pull up to the Soho House valet in the same vehicle. In all Carlsson has realized more than 70 innovations in their new C25 Royale over the already AMG-tuned basis model Mercedes-Benz SL 65, including four diamond-shaped tailpipes, massage and ventilated seats, full ceramic brake system and a new differential lock that offers more dynamic cornering and agile handling. Moreover, each C25 Royale is absolutely unique, offering varied color, paint, material and interior feature combos decided to the last bolt by the demanding customer. Of course it ain’t cheap — all this exclusivity and engineering will run you about $710,000 (510,500 Euro).

A couple more detail shots of the Carlsson Super GT C25 Royale after the Jump…

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