11 Mar
Put a cork in it... or two... or actually, three. Put three corks in it.

This new corker makes it clear that industrial designer Sebastian Burke encourages putting away multiple bottles of wine. As you know by now, we support any design that encourages heavy wine consumption. Its design stems from the concept that each new bottle-twist will be tomorrow’s wineglass past, ultimately a cork of nostalgia for other pourings. In other words, as you pull new corks out they become the padded handles for future cork pulling. And the cycle of wino life continues. Measuring at 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.0″  the nickle plated brass corkscrew will fit quite comfortably in your hands, once you get the free sides covered with cork, that is. Order your own, in the neighborhood of $24 (£15).

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