17 Mar
VBS.TV and Agnes B present "Umshini Wam" short film

The paring of South African zefs Die Antwoord with fringe indie director Harmony Korine seems like a no brainer. The white trash obsessed director must’ve first seen Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er and had his heart explode. Now they’ve worked together on this 15-minute short, following the exploits of two daydreaming, wheelchair-bound, gun toting costumed gangsters with some serious bloodlust. Plenty of Korine weirdness, but you do get the sense that Yo-Landi has that nebulous X-Factor that could see her jump to the mainstream (even tho she reportedly turned down the title role in David Fincher’s upcoming Girl With the Dragon Tattoo adaptation). Playing now on VBS.TV, the mini-film is presented by the inimitable Agnes B with beats by Die Antwoord’s DJ Hi-Tek — watch it below…

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