16 Mar
Not the Last Straw, But the Glass Straw

A refined and reusable sort of straw from Glass Dharma. With 4 in a set, the glass offerings come in slightly varied shapes offering a bent option, or adorned with colored dots. Delicate and washable, theses “shorties” (I didn’t give it that name but I’m sure as hell going to use it) would look great dipping into a handblown margarita glass or tiki tub filled with pina colada. Of course let’s face it, I know a certain group of Scarface aficionados that would probably find them more appropriate for “sipping” across a powdered mirror than for any Big Gulp full of grape drank — especially considering these shorties measure only 6.25″. But that’s just me; I tend to have some shady friends. And ideas. Each set of four come with a stainless steel and nylon bristle brush for $28. That’s plenty to cheap to get yourself a few shawties… and an eightball’s worth of Hi-C…

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