24 Mar
Love and support to our brothers across the Pacific

There are a lot of ways to help to help out our cultural brothers and sisters over in Japan, but here’s another good one. The Help Japan T-Shirt is a great way to donate money to the desperately needed relief efforts while showing your allegiance to the cause. Very similar in concept to the Japan Disaster Relief T-Shirt we showed last week, this shirt differs aesthetically with the graphic inclusion of the Japanese islands. Printed on American Apparel Sheer Jersey Loose Crew Summer T-Shirt for $22, all proceeds of the sale will be destributed among 4 charities: to Save the Children: Emergency Response, Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund, Hands on Tokyo and the American Red Cross. If your size is sold out, send them an email and they’ll have new ones ready soon. Of course if you want to eschew the tshirt and go straight to donating much needed funds, head HERE and decide where’s best to send your help.

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