1 Mar
A behind-the-scenes look into one of 2010's best films

Although they struck out at the Oscars, Joel and Ethan Coen’s True Grit was still one of 2010’s best films. Really it’s hard to go wrong when you throw Jeff Bridges into a Coen Bros movie, you can pretty much expect a classic (even the trailer had us excited). While filming the movie, Bridges carried around a camera with him and documented the experience, capturing behind-the-scene moments with the intimate eagle eye perspective of a family member — and then was kind enough to share them with the world. How rad is that? Images like Matt Damon and Josh Brolin practicing their best Tragedia/Comedia faces, Hailee Seinfeld telling stories, the Coen Bros framing a scene, Bridges mustering up his finest Rooster Cogburn interpretation, Barry Pepper looking like a crazed maniac — you get the drift. See the gallery below of pics, or go to Bridges site and check out the rest, some real winners in there. And if you want, you can even purchase some of the prints to collect via the Rose Gallery

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