Coming straight from the New England frosts of Portland, Maine, is Portland General Store’s whiskey-inspired shaving products. The Wet Shave Jelly (below) is a whiskey-scented gel that creates a rich lather to shave with. Bentonite clay — “one of the most effective and powerful healing clays… that pulls oils and toxins from the skin” — is blended in. They promise a “deep woodsy and amber fragrance”, but how can you complain when your cheeks smell of whiskey? Well, I suppose it depends on what type of whiskey — are we talking Ol Grand Dad, or Bookers? Cause there’s a difference. But if that’s not enough whiskey scent on your freshly shaven cheeks, then reach for the Whiskey Aftershave Splash (above), a natural sea mineral aftershave splash guaranteed to make you feel like Bukowski. Or Hemingway. Except hopefully you’ll have your life together way more than those guys. Both Portland General Store’s Whiskey Aftershave Splash and Whiskey Wet Shave Jelly are made in Portland, Maine, and can be found at Blackbird for $12 each.

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