21 Mar
Finally, a way to really settle a Bride War

If you ever thought the female obsession with engagement rings went too far, then you probably will think that designer Kate Bauman could use a talking to. The 4-finger ring (or should I say “rings”) is made from sterling silver and cubic zirconium, and unlike your fingers, each of the hoops are the same size. So don’t expect them to fit. Or to look especially good. But they do have a certain little ghetto-brass-knuckle aesthetic that could probably BLEEP up a BLEEP in her face. And that’s what every classy girl wants. You too can have your own fist full of shut-yo-mouth in the neighborhood  of $282.

Hit the Jump to see the ring that either says “he loves me” or “I’ll hurt you” in use…

a ring that says either "He loves me" or "I'll hurt you"

2 Responses to “The Brass Knuckle Engagement Ring”

  1. Not very well at all. I wouldn’t even consider it unless you’re open to replacing the ring down the road, possibly many times over.

  2. Su Selis says:

    I don’t believe in anything she says or does I think he made the wrong choose to give her a ring I think that they are a fake couple

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