11 Mar
Hippie built, grownup approved

Christiana has been doing bikes (or with the three-wheeler shown here, the correct term would be “trike”) for the Danes since the 80’s — it’s the oldest surviving company in the free living city-within-a-city hippie mecca of Christiana in Copenhagen. And they’ve been doing such a smash-up job of it that we can have them now, too. Featured here is the Superlight. It’s kind of like catching a pedi-cab, except you’re the one doing the work. The Superlight is actually a racer revamp of another version called the Light, only the “super” here means its fitted with 8 gears, roller brakes and aluminum frame. It’s geared for catching more speed on the street. Its box, just the right size in your trike for a couple of tykes, measures 35cm in the front and 50cm at its rear. The whole thing weighs in at about 68 lbs (31kg). Order your own for less than $2200.

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