1 Mar
Creditor = knife + money clip

This sorta kinda reminds me of that Plane Hijacking Folding Credit Card Knife, only it’s not just a folding blade, but a money clip that can be carried around with you wherever you go. Winner for Most Innovative Knife Design, knife-maker John Kubasek’s Creditor Money Clip Knife is an intelligent way to hide your weapons while keeping them close to the things you want safest: your cash money. The size of a credit card with the thickness of about three, the Creditor fits perfectly in any wallet. Perhaps what is the most impressive about the Creditor is the craftsmanship, with a razor sharp blade constructed of real carbon fiber and D2 steel, and a handle crafted of pure titanium — the whole thing weighs under 2 ounces. The blade locks in place when opened and is easily accessed by holding down the sides to re-open. Considering the cost of the high quality materials the Creditor Money Clip Knife is made of, it’s fairly well priced at $200.

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