7 Mar
Life After Corkage re-cycles corks into functional furniture

I’ve got some friends (I’m looking in your direction, Elf) for who this “Life After Corkage” Bar Stool and Ottoman would be a dream come true. Not only are you encouraged to drink wine on them (they are bar stools, after all), but then every cork you dispense with you upcycle, and fill up your furniture with it. Downed another bottle of prosecco? Well done! Polished off another half case of Two-Buck Chuck? Congratulations, you’re 6 corks closer to filling up your ottoman. The Life After Corkage furniture set is a very clever way to re-use corks, something you’d otherwise throw out after a night of wine or champagne boozing, making it a very eco-friendly design. The breathable see-through mesh holds thousands of recycled corks, removing about 2,500 corks from landfills. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about that mimosa brunch marathon you threw last weekend, you were only doing your part to recycle. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, get your own Life After Corkage bar stool & ottoman for $980.

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