I’ve always thought, of all the ways to assassinate someone, the bow has gotta be a top option. Not that I’m in the market for a high profile political take down or anything, my mind just wanders and I think if I absolutely had to, say, I don’t know, take out that shitstain Muammar Gaddafi for firing from helicopters on his own damn people, what weapon would I use? I may want to consider the Martin Savanah Longow — silent, long range, light (1lb 1oz), and strikingly elegant. Widely coveted by archery enthusiasts, and the most famous Longbow in Martin’s long history, the Savannah is beauty in bow form — they handcraft their bows one at a time, using Bubinga core covered with Zebrawood (topped with clear glass and black fiberglass overlays) with laminated maple highlights. Technically it’s top notch too, its reflex/deflex design storing energy while actually eliminating the hand shock associated with many longbow models. That’s why in 2007 the Martin Savannah Longbow crushed the distance flight record for a bow by a substantial 25 yards. Built to order, Martin can add a message or name applied to your bow’s finish, customize your preferred grip style and even offer custom installation of sight, quiver and bowfishing mounts. Pretty sweet. So if you got a bone to pick with Gaddafi or some other global tyrant, pick up a Martin’s Savannah Longbow at Abbey Archery for $800 and see if you can even the score.

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