14 Mar
And other sick ways to confuse your opponent in a thumb war

Not every man can have a special appendage the size of a baby arm, but at least every person without a scrap of taste can have a ring that kind of looks like one… Ok, so, the bling on this baby ain’t real, but then again, neither is the arm it’s attached to. The arm is plastic, and the bling atop the flip-off finger is cubic zirconium. For some reason, there are two random real pearls at the base of this hand-soldered, sterling silver fashion debacle. At $3, the price of a bag of candy bracelets, I dare you to propose to that special girl with this ring.  And I double dare you to assure her that no young babies were hurt during the mining of this blood diamond. The strangest thing about this beauty is that I would probably wear it… but only if I also had a hat with a plastic baby head on it, that was, of course, also wearing a hat.

One more close-up of the Baby Arm Diamond Ring after the Jump…

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