10 Mar
MOMA's spinnable World Time Clock

Seeing as Mundt is lost in the dark jungles of Nicaragua right about now, allegedly working on filing some tales of Mayan adventure, this clock is the just thing his mosquito filled tent might be missing. The World Time Clock from MOMA is a unique and very portable way to quickly figure out what time it is in different parts of the globe… of course, why he’d need to know what time it is in Hong Kong while beating back millipedes the size of a pickup truck is beyond me. Black and of a sleek barrel shape, the outside of the World Time Clock is labeled with landmark cities — to tell what time it is in New York, simply turn the barrel until its name appears on top of the clock. Simple enough, right? Now there’s no longer any need for 7 clocks on your wall just to show your sophistication of time zone knowledge. If you’re someone who travels the world, or are simply filled with curiosity as to what time it is on the other side of the planet, MOMA’s World Time Clock can be purchased directly from the eminent Museum for $72 .

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