An absolutely amazing concept so brilliant, it’s hard to believe it actually exists. Filipino artist Louie Cordero usually manifests his art thru painting, but in his latest exhibit “My We” he’s created 4 fiberglass figures which have been impaled with weapons of every sort. The bodies are thrown against the walls, and crawling on the ground with more blades coming out of them than a grass lawn. And why, exactly, are they impaled with weapons of every sort you might ask? Because in the Philippines there’s been a recent epidemic of neighborhood violence between people singing Frank Sinatra’s signature tune “My Way” in karaoke bars incorrectly. Apparently, if you sing “My Way” your way, and not how some other Filipino wants to hear it sung, you can get your ass shanked. Or worse, murdered. I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that this is happening in the first place, or that Cordero decided to bring the epidemic to static life. Accompanying the 4 fiberglass figures is a karaoke machine (naturally), one which displays the lyrics of the bloodletting song superimposed over tabloid headlines of said violent fighting. I think the only lesson to be learned here is simple: people got to figure out a way to not take the great art of karaoke so seriously in the Philippines.

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