5 Apr
Black Lips "Modern Art" Video by Brian Butler

The ever awesome Black Lips are back with their first video from a track featuring the production skillz of Mr. Mark Ronson (the last one was a song produced by Deehunter’s Lockett Pundt). The pairing of Ronson with Black Lips should result in much musical goodness, and “Modern Art” is a great start. The clip was directed by occult expert and Kenneth Anger protege Brian Butler, and does nothing to diffuse the the Atlanta hooligans ample reputations (voodoo skulls, American flag burkas, tabs, cockfights, iridescent cuttlefish, crazed balaclavas…you get the drill). After raising hell in India and then touring extensively last year, 2011 is shaping up to put the Black Lips on the lips of even your grammamma…

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