26 Apr
For when the best camera in the world is the one you have on you

The Leica i9 Concept attempts to combine two products which are at the head of their respective markets. Heeding to their philosophy that the best camera is the one you actually have on you, Black Design Associates have created a phone case that utilizes all of the iPhone’s power and rich features and compliments it with Leica’s high performance camera systems. The Leica i9 Concept features a rangefinder styled housing that attaches to an iPhone 4 —  using a Camera Back Dock that swings open like a traditional 35 mm film door revealing a standard Apple 30-pin connector (the i9 back is also interchangeable to accommodate compatibility with future generation iPhones). The Leica i9 Concept turns on your camera with an instant start-up time of 0.3 seconds, simultaneously loading the Leica app on your iPhone4. It then offers higher functionality by using the volume control to adjust zoom, has dedicated aperture and shutter dials (for quick and easy manual operations), and offers higher quality photos and videos in low-light conditions via a flash and light meter. All this lending your common iPhone a professional customization. “The Leica i9 Concept offers timeless design, durability and the unmatched brilliance of Leica’s high performance camera system to compliment the unparalleled processing, display and sharing capabilities of Apple’s iPhone4,” claims the Los Angeles-based design firm. The expected cost of the Leica i9 Concept will fall between $900-$1200.

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