8 Apr
The Clash, U2, The Boss, Stones... what more do you need?

The Morrison Hotel Gallery has become my second home lately. Sort of feels like Sid Vicious camping out at the Chelsea, but without all the heroin shooting and girlfriend stabbing. Why am I back so soon, cos the fine folks at MHG have yet again brought an amazing collection of rarely seen and intimate photos of some of rocks most iconic figures. The Clash? Check. U2? Check. Bob Marley? Check. The Boss? Check. Keef? CheckCheckCheck. Plus, photographer Lynn Goldsmith laces all her images with spectacular anecdotes. Such as the one when she followed Bob Dylan around and was laid wasted by his populist magnetism: “If you hang around with Bob Dylan long enough, someone is bound to come up and ask him if he is God, or tell him why they are sure he is God, or ask if he can help them find God.” Dylan’s cool and all, but God? Really? Damn hippies have no perspective of reality. The Circle of Friends exhibit will open today to the public April 8th to May 5th at The Morrison Hotel Gallery’s 313 Bowery location, New York New York.

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