28 Apr
The quintessential 90s cross trainer gets a rebirth

Oh boy, this is one of those re-issues that you wait so long for you kind of get to the point that you don’t think it’s ever going to happen, so you resign yourself to a dull, vice-less life. It’s like you wake up after 20 years of marriage, and all of a sudden your wife is insatiably into fellatio. Sure in that case you’d be crazy suspicious (that slut!), but with a cross trainer there’s really no reason to suspect any foul play. Perhaps the quintessential cross trainer of the 90s, the Air Trainer SC II — the legendary Bo Jackson signature model — makes its mid-top revival in full white, grey and volt green glory. Hallelujah! Available now at select boutiques worldwide.

One more side profile shot of the Nike “Bo Jackson” Air Trainer SC II after the Jump…

via West NYC

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