You’re on the boardwalk. At the carnival. It’s springtime at the zoo. You’re with your bestest friends, maybe the someone special you love. You want to remember today for tomorrow. Or maybe you’re unshaven, alone in your own living room, and your phone never rings. Maybe you kind of hate yourself. You are polishing off a bucket of chicken wings, using the chewed butt of a drumstick as a pathetic sort of dipping device. Yes, now this day can be yours forever too. Polaroid brings you the classic photobooth which will print a set of four  2″x 2″ 72-dpi monochrome images taken in five second intervals. It’s full size, made from steel, weighs in at 770 lbs and plugs into your wall. So, if you’ve got $11,000 dollars lying around, get one shipped to your front door — just consider wiping the grease from your chin before you start saying “cheese.”

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