29 Apr
The composer of "Children" has something to prove

The oft-maligned Robert Miles has a giant monkey on his back. He composed one of the most timeless, seminal and poignantly beautiful electronic tracks of the 90s, “Children“, which went on to sell an unfathomable 14 million copies worldwide. Even though the track was played (plowed) into the ground 20 feet deep, and there were years where I never wanted to hear it ever again, there’s no arguing its elegant beauty. But as they say no good deed goes unpunished, and that single track spawned an army of over-dramatic trance fodder that pretty much ruined the genre. But you don’t write a track like “Children” in a vacuum — clearly Miles is a very talented musician and composer, and now he’s out to prove it. With his Thirteen album due this summer, Robert Miles is releasing this Hypnotronik 002 mixtape to let haters know he’s for real. The mostly minimal techno hour-long DJ set shows that Miles is no one-hit pony, and illustrates a masterful DJ acumen. Give it a listen while you work, and stream or download at will…

Robert Miles_Hypnotronik 002 [DJ set] by S:alt Records

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