25 Apr
Three-speed 4-stroke bikes in 3 vintage-styled models

Super Motor Company was founded by Dutch cousins with a passion for speed and love for old motorcycles. After their daredevil era of countless accidents and near-death experiences during their racing days, they decided to create a series of small moped-like bikes, not quite as dangerous as their racers but just as attractive. The Super Motor Company is inspired by vintage scooters, are powered by automatic three speed 4-strokes and come in three different models: Super 25 (no helmet required), Super 50 (moped) and Super 100 (light motorcycle). They all come with 17-inch rims, luggage rack, speedometer, electric start and drum brakes. Super Motor Company is based in the Netherlands, but you can visit their website to find a dealer near you, just be prepared to throw down about $2,000 (€1,395) to get your own.

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