6 Apr
Shauna Richardson's life-size crochet animals

Artist Shauna Richardson has made it her aspiration to convince people that anything can be art. Her newest project, which she’s dubbed Crochetdermy, takes her ample crochet skills and applies it to a concept we usually don’t think of as art: taxidermy. Richardson’s creations are life-sized knitted animals, often photographed in the shadows where you wouldn’t suspect animals to be lurking in. Her project has created quite the buzz, with pieces traveling the globe in exhibitions. All of this has motivated Richardson to take it to the next level, so she’s currently working on the biggest crochet piece in the world. The knitted sculpture will be encased in a giant glass box, just like the real taxidermy animals would be, and will be touring the world throughout 2012. Some of her friendly creatures include moose heads, life-sized brown bears, lions, rabbits and apes. The Crochetdermy animals are made to commission, and can cost you anything from $675 to $20,000 a piece. Or you can just keep your eyes peeled for the next tour Crochetdermy takes, and see if it swings near you.

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