19 Apr
People may not work like origami, but bikes do

UPDATE: Whoops, turns out the above Pacific IF Mode Foldable Bike is not indeed electric, our bad. Still, it’s pretty bad ass…

Ever just see a person so perfect, you wish you could fold them up and keep them in your pocket? Well, you can’t do that. But how about a folding electric bike? Pacific Cycle’s IF Mode bicycle is a sweet little electric two speeder that is foldable — its clockwork folding mechanism is naturally fluid thanks to a radical, and quite beautiful, design. It’s also pretty light, weighing in at about 27.5 lbs, and can be unfolded in 20 seconds flat. Featuring gears shiftable by a heel push-button, the Pacific Cycle IF Mode bicycle is available in Champagne or Black for $2,495.

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