Davilla 666 has been hailed by some as “The World’s Greatest Party Band”, and while that may be a large title to wield, it’s one Davilla 666 take very seriously not seriously. After releasing the digital EP Mala in September of last year (In The Red Records), the Puerto Rican sextet just dropped their second full-length album Tan Bajo in February, and are now storming across US county lines making sure everyone who attended their shows was doused in sufficient cheap lager and mosh pit sweat. The band excel in rabblerousing Spanish-tongued call-and-response punk anthems, copious backing vocals and fuzzed out guitars, falling on a sound centered on deadly fun. While you normally don’t attribute garage rock with foreign languages, Davila 666 are so damn catchy with their hooks that even if you don’t know how to order a burrito you’ll find yourself chanting along like a Russian teen singing Nirvana. If music could sound like a shook up can of Modelo cerveza, Davila 666 would be it. Peep “Esa Nena Nunca Regreso” below, and if you don’t find the chorus humming along in your brain 10 minutes later you may want to check your pulse. Then see them live as they burn a party-scorched trail across your state… just don’t forget your protection….

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m…
CS: Carlito Santiago aka Carlito Davila aka Sir Charles Davila aka Spik Jagger aka Lefty Guns aka Lefty Two Guns…Oh wait,not those last 2.
AJ: My name is Arnaldo Jose Lozada or Arnie or AJ Davila

You can find me…
CS: In badass Santurce Puerto Rico
AJ: You can find me in San Jun Puerto Rico or in your mama’s bed

I’m usually posted up at…
CS: My record collection with my bong.
AJ: I’m usually posted up at K-Mart or at my ballet class

I pay my bills by…
CS: No comment.
AJ: I pay my bills by being musician

You might’ve heard of me because…
CS: I’m hella cute…and I sing in Davila 666
AJ: Because I invented Gatorade in the 60s

But why you really should know me is…
AJ: Is because of my beautiful eyes

My next order of business is…
CS: Messing up the old world cause they messed up the new one a long time ago.
AJ: I have an upcoming movie with Jack Nicholson called Spic Brothers

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Scion A/V Presents: Davila 666 – Esa Nena Nunca Regreso from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

If it wasn’t for _______ I wouldn’t be where I am today
CS: Minina
AJ: My mother

The best part about my job is…
CS: Making your girlfriend shake her ass!
AJ: Traveling and drinking free beers every night

If I was taking a train from Paris to Madrid, and I could choose one person to share the cabin with, I’d choose….
CS: My old man.
AJ: Michael Bolton, Kenny G or Emma Stone

The first piece of music I heard that I remember waking up my ears was…
CS: Slick Rick, Great Adventures of…
AJ: Marvin Gaye

The last piece of music I heard that woke up my ears is…
CS: The Huns’ Busy Kids
AJ: Curren$y

If you want to put a smile on my face, you probably want to…
CS: Smoke me out
AJ: Give me money

If you want to wipe that smile away, then you should…
CS: Yell at me for smoking all your shit
AJ: Give me turkey

The last time I saw the sun come up I was…
CS: In LA a week and awhile ago…
AJ: I was with my band mates in the street because they threw us out of a girls dorm in Chicago

The person I admire most is…
CS: This is a difficult question to answer
AJ: Evita (my mother)

The last time I lied was because…
CS: I didn’t want to tell the truth
AJ: I got in trouble

If you hit shuffle on my iPod you might be shocked to find…
CS: What the fuck is an iPod??

If you hit shuffle on my iPod I’d be embarrassed if it landed on…
AJ: I love everything on my iPod

When I get my next really big check, I’m gonna go score a…
CS: Cool apartment in Santurce!
AJ: I’m going to buy all the turkeys in the world and Planters peanuts and destroy them

But it’ll never replace…
CS: People like you
AJ: My teddy bear Billy… I love him so much

My one magic power is…
CS: X-ray Vision
AJ: I turn food in to shit

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to…
CS: Errrrbody I have fun with at one point or another…remember that one time?
AJ: I big shout out to my son yeyo mons-ter and my beautiful wife Emma Stone

And lastly, If I was Lost In a Supermarket, you’d find me in the…
CS: Bread aisle.
AJ: You will find me crying in the bathroom

Wed    6-Apr    St. Paul, MN    The Turf Club
Thu    7-Apr    Milwaukee, WI    Cactus Club
Fri    8-Apr    Chicago, IL    Empty Bottle
Sat    9-Apr    Bloomington, IN    The Bishop
Sun    10-Apr    Cleveland, OH    Now That’s Class
Tue    12-Apr    Detroit, MI    Magic Stick Lounge
Wed    13-Apr    Toronto, ON    Parts and Labour
Thu    14-Apr    Ottawa, ON    Babylon
Fri    15-Apr    Montreal, QC    Le National *
Sat   16-Apr    Portland, ME  Apohadion
Sun    17-Apr    New Haven, CT    Café Nine
Mon    18-Apr    Cambridge, MA    Charlie’s Kitchen
Wed    20-Apr    New York, NY    Cake Shop
Thu    21-Apr    Poughkeepsie, NY    The Mug @ Vassar College
Fri     22-Apr    Philadelphia, PA   Hong Kong Garden
Sat    23-Apr    Brooklyn, NY    Knitting Factory
Sun    24-Apr    Washington, DC    Back Stage @ Black Cat
Mon    25-Apr    Richmond, VA    Strange Matter
Tue    26-Apr    Durham, NC    Casbah
Wed    27-Apr    Charlotte, NC    The Milestone
Thu     28-Apr    Athens, GA    40 Watt
Sat      30-Apr    Gainesville, FL   Common Grounds

* = w/ Black Lips, Vivian Girls

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